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Guiding Principles
Our Guiding Principles lead to a better client experience and superior results, and ultimately More Value for our client's investment.

How do you become a different kind of professional services firm?

By establishing and living by a set of fundamental guiding principles.

  1. Commitment and integrity is just as important as knowledge, maybe more so. Knowledge can be acquired. Integrity and commitment come from within. The Innovative core and extended team have been selected for their personal qualities as well as their business and technical skills.
  2. Seasoned professionals with superior listening skills. We don't expect clients to have to continually educate our consultants. They get it the first time.
  3. Knowledge sharing® not knowledge transfer. We don't believe in knowledge transfer. We practice our proprietary knowledge sharing™ approach throughout projects and the consulting process.
  4. An extended team is a powerful team. We practice collaboration and extended team building, not isolation and wall building. This gives us the ability to add value before, during and after our project engagements, and facilitates a superior client experience.
  5. We own issues and look for accountability. Superior results come from understanding the big picture and what it takes to get to solve a problem.
  6. Mentoring helps us as much as it helps the client. We look for opportunities to improve the skill level and capabilities of our client's team - ultimately positioning them and us for the next set of challenges.
  7. Consulting is about the client, not us. Being right is not important. Being effective and achieving results is. This requires a deep understanding of the culture and organization of each client and this is only achieved by focusing on their needs and their situation.