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Client Focused Methodology
Our Client Focused Methodology ensures that our services are tailored to each client's unique situation.

Innovative IT is a consulting firm first and foremost, not an X3 reseller. Our focus is always on our client's needs, their business and their success.

To each engagement we bring our world-class thinking, planning and execution skills, together with a laser-like focus on communications, team building and results.

Flexibility is the hallmark of our approach. Our services are tailored to each client's "unique situation, including their culture, industry, market position and resource constraints."

Our knowledge of X3 and the industries we serve, together with the set of extended solutions we support provides clients with a clear set of benefits.

  • Shorter time to value
  • Continual return on investment over time
  • Avoid costly mistakes and dead end solutions - continuous building on the platform
  • More flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements

Innovative's approach has been designed to deliver superior results, and a client experience that is unique and second to none.