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We help companies achieve
Breakthrough Results by providing long term strategy, World-Class consulting, and a single integrated ERP Platform.

Innovative IT Consulting helps clients achieve ERP Success and Business Transformation through a combination of a well thought out IT strategy, business skills in Process Improvement and a set of extended solutions that build on the capabilities of the Sage X3 "core" ERP system.

Our typical client is a successful, growing company who has addressed their mounting IT needs by adding stand-alone technology solutions as needed.

It is not uncommon for clients to have one system for warehousing and plant operations, another for order management, yet another for accounting -with most of the analytical and financial reports being generated off-system from Excel spreadsheets. At some point, clients realize the limitations of this approach as it begins to impede further growth and threatens profitability.

This is the time to engage the Innovative IT Consulting team.

Innovative brings together world-class consulting, project management, Innovative eXtended X3 and business skills to the table to energize and drive our clients to the results they are seeking which can only come from a single, integrated platform.

Compare the Legacy system vs the Innovative eXtended ERP X3 approach.

Legacy SystemInnovative eXtended ERP X3