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Innovative IT Consulting helps companies achieve Transformative Results through a combination of a Superior Implementation coupled with an Extended and Integrated ERP platform.

The X3 Experts.

Innovative IT Consulting, LLC is an ERP consulting firm dedicated to helping small and medium size companies execute ERP projects that are CRITICAL TO THEIR SUCCESS and help TRANSFORM THEIR BUSINESSES.

With years of experience helping companies understand their needs and requirements, select and implement ERP systems, we understand that there is no one single best ERP system. There are always trade-offs. However, the deciding factor in achieving significant return on ERP is not the software, but the quality of the implementation and the process improvements that are achieved through the implementation process and related efforts.

We focus on Sage ERP X3 because of its breadth and depth of functionality, and its inherent flexibility to be tailored to client's specific needs in the Process Industries that we serve. In short Sage ERP X3 is a platform from which we can deliver the business transformation that clients demand.

Compare the Legacy system vs the Innovative eXtended ERP X3 approach.

Legacy SystemInnovative eXtended ERP X3