April, 2006

Your Personal Escape Plan From Information Gridlock

Trapped in the dreaded "Information Gridlock" - Tons of Data and no way to get it out? Here is your escape route.

What is the SINGLE BIGGEST OBSTACLE to getting results from your information technology solutions? It's having several discrete applications, spreadsheets and databases that operate in stand-alone silos instead of the integrated system you envisioned. You started out with the right idea - I'll invest in technology to streamline my operations and this will allow my budding business to grow to the next level. The problem is, somewhere along the line, your vision turned into a nightmare and instead of technology propelling your company forward, it's holding you back. What went wrong and how do you fix it? Read More.  

What is Strategic IT Consulting?

Strategic Consulting is a process of driving decisions and projects based on a well-defined set of short and long-term objectives. Strategic Consulting is never losing sight of the sought after benefits of investing in technology. Strategic Consulting is the long-term planning that gets distilled into short term actions that moves clients closer to their goals and objectives. We turn strategic consulting from a boardroom exercise to a practical skill and apply it to day-to-day project decisions and actions. While strategic consulting implies a long-term game plan, Innovative believes in thinking long term and executing short term. < a class=bodylinx href=http://www.inovativeitc.com>Learn more.  

This Month's Tip:

Look "For" a package, not "At" a package.

After making the decision to search for an application software package, many companies start the process by looking "at" what packages are available in the market. This is certainly an important step, but it is not the first step. Take some time to develop a list of key requirements of your organization. Solicit the needs of other people within your company to help generate a complete list of requirements. Then look at what is available with this list in hand. This process allows you to look "for" what you need in a package instead of just looking "at" packages.  

What's the Newest IT Destination in Town?

There's a new destination in town - www.innovativeitc.com. Check it out!

We are approaching our market with a sharper message than every before. Why? The need for small and mid-size companies to use IT strategically to compete effectively is greater than before. And, the pressures of time and money make it critical that you engage a partner who can understand your business and get it right the first time.

Our newly designed web site is aimed at providing you with a valuable resource of information designed to empower you to unleash the potential of IT to transform your business. Our web site engages you with our "Ask Us" section, where we take your questions (anonymously if you like) and reply on line to help everyone dealing with the same issue. We offer white papers, industry specific references and a host of other tools designed for you.  

A Look Ahead To Next Month

Next month we will offer strategies for creating a strong foundation for information access.  

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