May, 2006

In the April Issue of Innovative Consulting, we wrote about "Information Gridlock". In this issue, we address Accessing your Data.  

Are you having Trouble Accessing Data and Leveraging IT for Maximum Benefit?
Here are some Smart Strategies to alleviate these problems.
By Paul Sita, Ph.D, President, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC

Are you having trouble getting the reports you need?
Do new requests for information take weeks of programming to produce?
Do you find yourself saying "I know it's in there. I just can't get to it?"
Do we need a new IT system or a better way to access data?

If these questions are being asked throughout the halls of your office, then we have some "Smart Strategies" to share with you. Last month we talked about Information Gridlock - what it is and how to get out of it.

Information Access- One of the key drivers for system upgrades.
As businesses grow, the need for more and "better" information often grows exponentially. Customers, suppliers, governmental agencies, salespeople, bankers and accountants are all placing demands on you to provide them with more information faster and every time you turn around someone wants the data in another format.

Frustrations about the ability to access information are often the biggest drivers behind replacing existing systems and applications. However, replacing your existing system may or may not be the correct next step to take. The right approach can make the difference between frustration and success. Here are Six Key Strategies to avoid a mistake and help you determine exactly what you need and how to get it. Read More.  

Tip of the Month

Give Yourself Leverage By Sticking With "De Facto" Standards
By John Pellegrino, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting

When you are adding any new application it is best to make sure that it has underlying "de facto" standard technology, such as Crystal Reports for report writing and MS/SQL Server as the database. There are several reasons for this:

  • They have withstood the test of time and are very likely to be available for many years to come.
  • They are always being enhanced with better and more powerful functionality.
  • There are many organizations and people that can help you, including knowledge based support at the vendor, on-line help forums and a large pool of people resources for hire or outsourcing.
I was helping a client select a new software package and one vendor's product used a database called Firebird. The salesman told me it was the best database technology. "That may be so", I replied, "but I can find many auto mechanics to work on the Pontiac Firebird and will be hard pressed to find any IT professional to work on the database". Using standards gives you choices and having choices provides you with economic and methodology leverage.

We Have a New Client!

When Alloy Polymers, a leading plastics manufacturer, determined that they needed to get more from their Adonix X3 ERP application, they turned to Innovative IT Consulting. With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and plants in Ohio and Texas, Alloy's new management team has a strong plan for growth and believed that the Adonix system could "do more and produce better results". They just weren't sure how. That is where Innovative came in. Working with a top-notch team of professionals at Alloy, we are helping the company achieve their vision for growth and expansion. Ask us how we can help you.  

A Look Ahead To Next Month

In the June Issue, we talk about Reducing Redundancy.  

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