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December, 2006

In the November Issue of Innovative Thinking, we concluded our 2-part series on software selection. This is the HOLIDAY SEASON. We're keeping things light with our popular predictions for the new year. One thing is sure. The New Year is certain to be filled with change. Digital technology continues to spread throughout every industry at every level. The impact on business is being felt both internally and externally. Stay tuned!

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The Year Ahead. What’s in store? By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or psita@innovativeitc.com.

What better time to go out on a limb than the Holiday Season! So here it is. Our predictions for things to come next year.

IBM's continuing move into software. IBM continues to move back into software by making additional strategic acquisitions. Much as any move made by Microsoft is watched carefully and can spark major waves of change, the same is true of IBM. Look for IBM to acquire additional software tools, maybe not business applications directly, but certainly moving closer to the applications in areas such as software testing, development lifecycle and project management.

Microsoft takes on Google. Microsoft ups the ante and makes heavy investment into really competing with Google. Microsoft is a growth machine. Search is a growth business. They can’t not be there, and right now, Google is kicking sand in Microsoft’s face. 2007 is when Microsoft get’s serious about fighting back.

Use of personal devices explodes! Blackberry, crackberry, and all the jokes aside. 2007 is the year when NOT being able to email someone instantly becomes a negative. 2007 is when you will begin to expect this of most people you work with.

Software as a service still lags. The technology has improved, and the service providers are getting much more focused. But for a few isolated exceptions, we don’t see software on demand taking off just yet.

Business Intelligence becomes a must have. 2006 saw many exciting developments in BI tools, portals, and related technologies. These are ready for prime time. Look for easier bolt-ons, pre-built analytics and more software vendors bundling this into their core offerings.

Mid-market growth. The efforts, primarily by Microsoft and SAP with its Business One product, will have a real impact on the replacement of many legacy mid-market systems. This spells opportunity, but also trouble for many of the older software vendors, who are looking increasingly like long-shots for survival in a consolidating space.

Innovative IT Consulting expands. Well this is more of a statement than a prediction. But our combination of strategic IT consulting, project management, and overall management and software best practices is getting recognized by more and more companies. Look for growth in our practices, our team and our client base, as small and mid-size companies look to partner with our world-class team.

Tip of the Month

Special Year End "Tips".
By John Pellegrino, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. John can be reached at 631-549-1685 or jpellegrino@innovativeitc.com.

In addition to my best wishes during this holiday season, I'm offering you my special year end “tips”.

  1. All of you worked hard in 2006 and the month of December can be the hardest, especially for those that are closing out the fiscal and calendar years. Take a moment to “tip your hat” to your colleagues and yourself for a job well done.
  2. 2007 will continue to bring new and exciting technological and business related advancements. In our main article we discuss some of them, a mere “tip of the iceberg” of what is ahead.
  3. Information is power and it is becoming more critical to have this information readily accessible. Keep the information most important to you (and others) at the “tip of your (and their) fingers” by using the latest technology.
  4. After the holiday season you will have to dive into 2007 ready to move. Sharpen the “tip of your pencil” now in preparation for next year.
  5. You may have many questions about how to use the latest technology. Get them off the “tip of your tongue” and ask an expert, such as Innovative IT Consulting.
  6. When the year closes you will reflect on 2006 and look ahead to 2007. “Tip your glass” as a wish that you and yours will have a successful 2007, personally and professionally.


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