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December, 2007

As we celebrate the holiday season, we'd like to wish you and yours all the best. Click on the link to take a few minutes to REFLECT on the many things we have to be thankful for, and look ahead at things to come. Most importantly, take time to enjoy family and friends, as the most important things in our lives. For the many of you who have used this newsletter to communicate with us this year, Thank You, and we're looking forward to an exciting 2008!


What's in store for ERP in 2008? By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or psita@innovativeitc.com.

ERP in 2008 - a look ahead!

As ERP consultants we're not into risk taking. But once a year we put ourselves out there, with our predictions for the year ahead. Don't hold me to any of these, but here's our short list for major trends affecting ERP in 2008, and beyond.

Software as a service finally takes hold. This is the year that Software as a Service (SAAS) finally gets traction. We believe that SAP’s new Business by Design offering will validate the entire segment. Business by Design is positioned in the mid-market above SAP Business One, a traditional integrated system for smaller companies, and below SAP ERP, SAP's flagship ERP product suite. SAP’s name, clout and marketing engine will help all players in this space, including Netsuite. No word from Oracle on any offering, probably because Oracle does not want to impact its database business.

Consolidation continues. We’ve seen a spate of consolidation. Smaller ERP vendors keep getting swallowed up by the bigger ones, but the real action has been in the larger players buying up companies such as Business Objects, Cognos, and specialized tools for compliance and reporting. With customer’s expectations of ERP rising and with ERP vendors looking for additional product to sell existing customers, look for this trend to continue.

Micro verticals expand. While consolidation continues, the SOA architecture is enabling the major vendors to turn to industry specialists to create “micro-vertical” versions of their ERP applications, with specific functionality not just for a vertical but for small segments within a vertical.

Performance continues to be a non-issue. Intel’s multi-core processors continue their rapid pace of development and expansion. Plus storage density seems to be keeping up. Performance, which used to be a major part of every ERP project, decision and plan, is becoming more and more of a non-issue.

Business complexity continues to rise. The new battleground for ERP is in what we call the “small enterprise” space. These companies are characterized not just by a certain size in terms of employees or sales, but by a rapid growth in terms of their business model and the complexity of their operations. While there may be fewer ERP vendors than ever before, challenges are huge to migrate to ERP systems in this space and gain true business benefit.

We'll be following these trends in 2008, and just as important, guiding our clients based on where things are going. If you have your own list, please share it with us! Happy Holidays!!!!

Tip of the Month

The Lighter Side of a TIP.
By John Pellegrino, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. John can be reached at 631-549-1685 or jpellegrino@innovativeitc.com.

During the holiday season we traditionally keep to the lighter side of things in the IT world. In keeping with this tradition I offer you a different kind of tip, one that you can use throughout the year and in reference to anything, not just IT.

Crossing the T's. It's always good to take some Tme to do the one thing that humans can do that no other living creature can - Think. Think about the past to learn from it, think about the future to get some direction and think about today to stay focused on the goal. Take Time to Think.

Dotting the I's. As indicated by our company name I feel it is very important to be aware of how you can create Innovation. But, you should always do that with a purpose, that is, to continually Improve something – yourself, your business, a product or a process. Innovate to Improve.

Minding your P's . . . I believe strongly in doing things as a Process. However, it takes hard work to develop one and that hard work is called Planning. And, yes, planning is real work. Plan the Process and Process the Plan.

. . .and Q's. Finally, take some Quiet time to reflect on your accomplishments in 2007 and to set some personal goals for 2008. Then put the activities towards those goals into a Queue and get ready for another eventful year. Quietly build your Queue.

May you and yours have a joyous holiday season! and click on the RESOURCES section to review all the tips as part of our newsletters.
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