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"Innovative Thinking" A Newsletter from Innovative IT Consulting In This Issue

December 2009

This is the HOLIDAY issue and final issue of Innovative Thinking for 2009. We want to extend our thanks to the many friends and associates who have helped us have a great 2009, despite the difficult economic climate, and of course we want to wish all of you health and prosperity in the year ahead. But those of you who follow us (and we appreciate all the kind words we continue to get on our newsletter), know that we always have a message. And we'll bundle our message with the theme of ERP WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR! Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or psita@innovativeitc.com.

What do ERP users and those planning ERP projects wish for? We've been privileged to get a peek at some of their private lists and here's the top 5.

1. Honesty from the ERP software vendors and partners. Clients and prospects lament the effort it takes trying to sift through the competing claims of the ERP software vendors and partners. They want more honesty. Tell us if you are really a good fit for our requirements. And don't tell us that a special need is easy if it's not. And if we're being unrealistic, please tell us that too!!

2. Simpler pricing. Customers know that ERP systems are complex. And they know that there are many choices. But with so many people in the high tech space, why does software pricing have to be so complicated. User pricing, module pricing, concurrent pricing, add-on pricing, CPU pricing - there's no end in sight. And every vendor claims to have implemented a pricing model designed to make it simpler for the end user. How come it never ends up that way?

3. People who listen. ERP is difficult enough. How about hiring some people who really listen to what clients are saying? How about committing to a sales process that fits the client instead of the other way around? Oh and how about really standing behind what you deliver?

4. Fairness in support pricing (and less expensive too!) If there's one pet peeve of all ERP customers and prospects, it's support pricing. It's true that customers don't understand what goes into providing world-class support and ongoing development. But this just means that the vendors haven't done a good enough job communicating the value -- and even worse, are very poor at actually delivering the value. The entire support process needs to be re-examined. Most customers really believe that ERP vendors would almost give away their licenses just to "lock them in" to a long term support contract. After all, where can you go once you implement a particular ERP system?

5. Make it easier. This is where we come in. Here's our holiday message. You can wish for ERP to get easier, or you can do something about it. INNOVATIVE IS HERE TO MAKE ERP EASIER AND BETTER FOR OUR CLIENTS. IT'S WHAT WE DO. IT'S OUR COMMITMENT. AND WE DELIVER ON IT. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND LOOKING FORWARD TO MAKING IT EASIER IN 2010 FOR ERP USERS ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

By John Pellegrino, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. John can be reached at 631-549-1685 or jpellegrino@innovativeitc.com.

Over the last few months I have been discussing the process for implementing ERP and last month I concluded that series. However, it is important to note that this is not really the end. It is the beginning of a new way, part of a transformation to your organization. Now that you have a modern ERP system implemented the foundation is set for expanding into other functional areas and technologies.

Time to "bite off" the rest of the work. Many mid-size companies strategically choose from the beginning of an ERP implementation not to “bite off more than they can chew.” In most cases this is done in 2 parts, although I have seen this done in 3 parts. Some companies choose to do the accounting first, then the rest of the operations. Some choose to do one business process first (sales order to cash), then another business process (purchase order to pay). Manufacturers choose to do everything not related to manufacturing first, then do manufacturing which tends to be more complex. There are many ways to split this, but now that you are done with the first part it is time to do the second part.

Add on to the foundation.If ERP is a foundation what are some of the technologies that sit on top of it? There is Business Intelligence, Portals, Workflow, Document Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to name a few. All of these have moved from the realm of the large organizations into the mainstream of mid-size companies. These technologies may be fully integrated or they may be add-on’s depending on which ERP system was implemented. In either case, explore which of these will benefit your company the most and start building on the foundation. In my opinion, this is when the large scale transformation of a company takes place.

The proof is in the process. The beauty of the process I have talked about over the last few months is that it can be used over and over again – even within your own organization. Regardless of whether you are about to do the second part or embarking on implementing a new technology use the now familiar Design, Build, Test, Install process.

Please join me in 2010 as we continue our ERP journey. Enjoy!!!

"What makes implementing ERP easier?"


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Answer to last month's word scramble.

"What implementing ERP is really all about". TRANSFORMATION

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ERP wishes for the holidays.

What are ERP customers and prospects really wishing for?

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