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"Innovative Thinking" A Newsletter from Innovative IT Consulting In This Issue

September 2011

In this month's feature we talk about the need for Transformation, not Implementation as the measure of ERP success. This is a key message that we're hearing from clients!

John Pellegrino brings his usual wit and wisdom to help you keep your data files trim and fit. No it's not the start of the next great diet book!

On the blog front, check out Paul's latest post on the Sage ERP Business Management Blog - Visual Processes in Sage ERP X3 and how this can improve your ERP success!

Innovative launches its Sage ERP X3 Practice. In June we talked about changes in the wind at Innovative. Over the next few issues we'll be talking about how we're evolving to better meet the needs of clients. Part of that is an increased focus on Sage ERP X3 as Innovative turns its significant X3 experience into a formal practice. As with everything else that we do, our goal is to be the best. Period.

By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or psita@innovativeitc.com.

It’s over. In these columns we have frequently spoken about the difficulty of implementing ERP in the small to medium size business (SMB) market. This month we’re here to report that the days when the goal of ERP was simply “implementation”, i.e. to “get live” are officially over. Transformation is the yardstick by which ERP Success needs to be measured, not Implementation.

If it’s so difficult to just implement ERP, why are we suggesting that the goal should be transformation, not implementation? It’s simple, we’re not. It’s customers and businesses who are saying this, in fact demanding this.

First off- what is Transformation? Transformation involves major improvements to how you do business – less paper, more collaboration, management by exception, information at your fingertips, not locked up in your database. And enhanced processes to go along with these capabilities. Implementation is just that – getting live on a new system that may bring some best practices with it, but in many cases mirrors the way you currently do things.

Why change? Several trends have converged to make Transformation the new paradigm.

1) Change is Changing. It’s always been true that the one constant is change. But what hasn’t been true is the pace of change. Business cycles are measured in months, not decades.

2) Business is more complex. Complexity used to be sheer difficulty of handling transactions. Complexity is now the difficulty of keeping up with mandates and demands and doing it quickly.

3) Business is global. Regardless of whether your organization does business abroad, virtually every SMB has global supply chain partners who they depend upon for day to day success.

4) The rise of the small enterprise. It’s amazing how many clients have multiple businesses under one roof. The business requirements of these small enterprises rival those of the larger corporations from only a decade ago.

5) Rise of the X-generation. The significant role of the Gen X-ers in running SMB’s cannot be underestimated. They are impatient, and want everything to be as simple as using Google, even using an ERP system. Plus they embrace and adapt to change much more readily than earlier generations, having grown up with rapid change as the de facto standard.

What's next? We’re adapting to this new paradigm. And in the next few issues we’ll be exploring this shift in greater detail, and how Innovative is changing to make this our focus and mission. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

By John Pellegrino, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. John can be reached at 631-549-1685 or jpellegrino@innovativeitc.com.

We're back! I hope everyone had a safe, healthy and happy summer (here in the New York City area we had some unusual natural events, but we survived for the most part). In keeping with the changes here at Innovative, as we become more Sage ERP X3 centric, our tips will become more Sage ERP X3 centric as well. My first tip is really a SQL/Server tip, but I’ve seen the situation in so many X3 shops that I thought it would be a good place to start.

Getting down to an optimal size. Have you ever seen a decrease in performance and then done some analysis to find out that the database transaction log file is taking up about 80% of your disk space? If you have then you are probably aware that you can perform a process that will trim the log file into something much more reasonable. After all, you don’t need every database transaction that has been done since the time you implemented X3. Even if you have done this at least one time don’t stop reading as this isn’t really the tip.

Maintenance is the best policy. Like any good diet the first step is getting to a reasonable size, but the process doesn’t end there. If you don’t put a maintenance plan together too, you will eventually grow to the same size as when you started. With the log file the same is true. And a good maintenance plan has at least 2 elements. One, a database backup strategy that includes frequency, type (full or partial), storage medium and other considerations. Two, a regular cleansing of the log file based on the strategy. After all, how long do you need any transaction once the database is securely stored?

"A quantum improvement or change in a company's business processes or model."


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Answer to last month's word scramle.

"A hiatus during July and August, sometime well earned (2 words)." (SUMMER BREAK)

These are game changing times. In the month's ahead we'll explain how Innovative is changing to help you meet these challenges, and arm you with the insight you need to succeed. Stay tuned. Keep your comments and suggestions coming in. We love to hear from you ! Please keep checking the INNOVATIVE WEB SITE for useful tips, and our newsletter archives. The game is changing. Innovative helps you win!

ERP Success - Transformation not Implementation!

Keep Your Data Files Trim and Fit .

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