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September 2012

Sage Summit was even larger than ever. Here's our view of the key take aways that are relevant to YOU.

In the X3 eXpert's corner John Pellegrino gives you tips on working with your X3 Left List in this month's column (no political implications here!) "OLL - Object's Left List Abbreviation."

By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or

Summit 2012 was bigger than ever. This is a good thing. For those of you who have made a decision to invest your IT dollars around a Sage ERP solution, Sage is clearly growing, and this is good for your investment. However, with so many customers, partners and solution providers at Summit, it can be a little overwhelming to come away with a coherent message. Still, overall the message from Summit 2012 delivered by Pascal Houllion was that customers are driving Sage, as it should be. And customers are demanding more seamless, transparent and easy to use solutions, regardless of size and complexity. This is not Sage changing for change's sake, but Sage changing because they have to or they risk becoming irrelevant.

X3 is a CORE and STRATEGIC product for Sage. For those of us focused on X3, these 2 terms, CORE and STRATEGIC, are critically important. Only ERP systems can be CORE products for Sage. And Sage announced that only 3 ERP systems are CORE to their future strategy - Sage One on the low end, Sage 300 in the mid range and ERP X3 on high end (in terms of sophistication and functionality). The other ERP platforms will simply not be getting the focus of Sage. They may be supported, but Sage is not looking to build their strategy around those products. Whether it's now or 3 years from now, if you are on one of those other ERP platforms (PFW, PRO, MAS500), you will have to think about your migration strategy at some point.

The STRATEGIC designation means investment pure and simple. It's a dollars and resources game. X3 and the other strategic platforms will be where Sage invests its resources.

Linked In Meeting a big success! Innovative held our first ever meeting for the Worldwide ERP X3 Community at Sage Summit. Our group is #1 worldwide and growing. The meeting was well attended, and the messages are very clear. The X3 community is looking for MORE! More information sharing, more product information, more transparency from Sage, and more involvement from our International members. Everyone loves the professional tone and conduct of the group. If you haven't joined the group, NOW is the time to do so. And encourage your colleagues and associates to do so as well. And most importantly, please contribute. We'll be announcing a host of new activities to make the X3 Worldwide Community even more relevant and useful to all our members.

By John Pellegrino, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. John can be reached at 631-549-1685 or

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a great summer and had a chance to attend Sage Summit in Nashville. There is a lot going on in the Sage world and ERP X3 is at the forefront. In this month’s tip I am going to talk about making changes to the left list of an object. Most customers of X3 want to personalize the data shown on the left list of at least some data entry screens. Much of this is very straightforward for those of us that have done any administration in X3, but there is one special case that we will look at, albeit in an “abbreviated” way.

FTB – First, the Basics. Some of the more common things that customers want are to remove, add or reorder the columns in the left list. We can accomplish this by using the “Selection Screen” area on the “Selection” tab within object maintenance (don’t forget to validate the object and the entry transactions, if appropriate). We can even add a field from a table that is not part of the standard environment of the object, assuming we have the data to do the correct link expression on the environment tab. But, what can we do if we want to access a table that is already part of the environment, link to it in a different way and leave the standard linking, too?

NTA – Now, the Abbreviation. This situation happens most often when you want to display 2 different text/description fields because all of these are stored in one table, ATEXTRA. For example, on the Item-Site object (ITF), there is a standard link to ATEXTRA for the item description (I will not go into why it is there). You want to add the description of another field from the item master, maybe one of the statistical group codes. On the “Environment” tab add the table ATEXTRA (you’ll get a warning that it is already on the environment, but just hit OK). Add your link expression (I won’t go into the details of this). Add a unique abbreviation up to 4 characters (e.g., A2). Use that as the table abbreviation in the “Selection Screen” (e.g., [F:A2]TEXTE). Getting the link expression correct, especially for ATEXTRA, can be a challenge, but that’s another tip for another month.

"A convenient method for referring to a link expression in the X3 left list.


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Answer to last month's word scramle.

"What Innovative IT brings to the X3 marketplace." (2 words) (CONSULTATIVE APPROACH)

More on blending strategy and execution for greater ERP success. Plus commentary on the marketplace, and of course tips and pointers. More guest columnists will be sharing their expertise. Keep your comments and suggestions coming in. We love to hear from you ! Don't forget to join the ERP X3 Worldwide Community. Please keep checking the INNOVATIVE WEB SITE for useful tips, and our newsletter archives.

Sage Summit 2012. The Innovative Take Aways.

X3 eXpert's Corner. OLL - Object's Left List Abbreviation.

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