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January/February 2013

As we move into 2013, it's important to start the year with the right strategies to get the most out of your X3 system. Follow these pointers for success. >>>>>>

In the X3 eXpert's corner John Pellegrino gets selective as he discusses using X3 selections to "See What You Want To See". This simple tool is still ignored by many X3 users.

By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or

Getting lost before you get started. Each year has its own rhythm and pace. And it's all too easy to fall into the trap of leaving well enough alone. Your system is running well, and before you know it, it's March, and then you start paying attention to what's new, what's coming, Sage Summit, and then you look up and it's June already. And then - you guessed it - summer vacations are coming and with the staff outages - well then that's no time to be planning changes to your systems and applications!

One foot forward. Only you know where your business is headed, what your initiatives are, what your problems are. Many X3 system managers wear multiple hats in their organizations. They might be the CIO, but more often than not, they are the CEO, CFO, VP of operations, or Controller. So, thinking about and planning IT initiatives tends to get pushed off to a lower priority. This puts you and your company into a very REACTIONARY posture. And this can only hurt you when you really need to make some changes.

Rose Colored Glasses are better than no glasses at all! Use your knowledge of your business as a starting point for some general areas where you think that information can be better used in your business. Then take a few ideas and solicit feedback from the key users. Maybe you highlight a few key areas, such as: Business Intelligence, Dashboards for Exception Management, or automated invoice distribution. Then based on feedback from your team, start using the topics with the most interest to FILTER out information coming from all the X3 sources.

Tap into the information sources - easily. Sage is continually offering webinars lunch and learn sessions and other free information on their web site. Make a commitment to attend at least one event a month, and use your filtered topics to help you decide what to attend. SAGE SUMMIT is full of information. Even if you can't attend, check the web site, and talk to people who are going to get you copies of presentations that fit your target areas. And of course join our Sage ERP X3 Worldwide Community on Linked In - The Largest On-Line Forum for X3 information in the world.

Ask questions of your peers, and see how informed you will be with a little bit of effort. Right foot or left foot? In the end it doesn't matter. Maintaining momentum and staying fresh is what it's all about. Adopt the strategies we've outined and you will Focus on your needs, Filter out the noise, and Fast Forward to increased success and utilization of your X3 system.

ByJohn Pellegrino, Principal and Application Consultant, Innovative IT Consulting. John can be reached at 631-943-1469 or

Selections are an easy way to create a “workbench” of data from within the standard X3 screens. This tip is especially useful to cut down the list of transactions shown in the left list as well as hone in on transactions that REQUIRE ACTION, i.e. "find” the meaningful data you need to work on right now. Selections are available on all common data and transactional screens. For my example, I'll be using the shipment screen (in more recent versions the delivery screen).

What should I be working on today? Let's assume that I am the shipping manager for a company that sells widgets. Other people decide what to ship to which customer and when to ship it. In X3 terminology, others create the shipment document for me. It's my job to pick and pack the widgets, label the box, and wait for the UPS truck to arrive and then finalize and confirm the shipment, i.e. validate the shipment in X3 terminology. But, when I first get into the screen it shows me every shipment document ever created in X3 (at least the first page of this long list). And, my company is paperless – so what should I be working on today?

Being selective is a good thing. Using the first drop down in the selection menu on the screen above, “Advanced Selection”, I setup a selection to only show me the shipment documents not validated.

The SDELIVERY table name defaults. I use the right-click select feature on the field name to find the Validated (Y/N) flag, CFMFLG. Then I set the comparison to Unequal and the value to “Yes”. When I hit OK and return to the screen only those shipments that have not been validated appear in the left list – this is what I have to work on today.

Being efficient is a better thing. To make this even better I use another feature that is in many places in X3, Memos. After setting up my selection I hit the Memo button on the bottom of the screen.

Sharing is the best thing. I chose to allow others to use this selection so I checked the Global box. I give the memo a code, NOTVALID, a description and hit OK. If you look at the first screen you will see that the description is one of the selections. Now without ever going back into the selection windows I can use the drop down to see what I have to work on. And, I can always go back to “All” shipments by selecting it.

"An easy to use tool to create workbenches in X3.


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Answer to last month's word scramble.

"The best place to stay current with developments for Sage ERP X3." (2 words) (SAGE SUMMIT)

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Sage ERP X3 Getting off on the right foot! (or is it the left?).

X3 eXpert's Corner. See What You Want To See Using X3 Selections.

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