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September 2013

Sage Summit 2013 was another smash hit this year. And for those of us involved with X3, both customers and business partners alike, there were some very clear messages. Read our main article to be a Summit Insider.

X3 eXpert's corner John Pellegrino jumps back on the useful tips bandwagon with his article "Inactive" but very useful, Prices.

By Paul Sita, Principal, Innovative IT Consulting, LLC. Paul can be reached at 631-549-1685 or

Sage transitions to EXECUTION MODE. Sage strategy is now firmly established and Sage and its partners are in “execution mode”. Sage is no longer trying to explain the strategy, justify the strategy or convince partners that the strategy is good for them. Not that they don't care - it's just that the market is moving too quickly and Sage needs to be decisive in its strategy.

What is that strategy? Sage's strategy consists of 3 critical elements.

* Branding – increasing awareness of Sage as a global mid-market solutions provider through the common branding of all the Sage products, particularly ERP.

* Rationalizing and reducing the product portfolio. There’s less fighting about which products Sage will be investing in for the future. Although a lot of customers grow fond of their ERP solutions, they can’t all be continually enhanced. This means end of life for Sage PRO, PFW and MAS500. The market is demanding significant software changes much more rapidly than in the past. You can’t deliver this for 10 different ERP systems! X3 is the strategic ERP for Sage.

* Connected services. The strategy of keeping ERP functionality to core functionality - but adding capabilities through cloud connected Sage solutions called Connected Services is key to customers getting what they need. And these services, such as Sage Payment Solutions, and Process shipper by Smartlinc – are only the beginning.

Your experience counts. Sage's goal is to improve the customer experience, and enhance the value that they derive from their Sage solutions. Partners and customers alike are seeing a more energized Sage, and a more unified Sage. Much more communication – via email, webinars, lunch and learn, training, and new services being introduced at a rapid clip.

X3 Users are getting more! X3 users are benefitting from Sage's significant focus and investment in X3. How about additional functionality with every patch set – a welcome change!! Not to mention reliable delivery according to published schedules!

Beyond the talk. The X3 installed base in North America is growing rapidly. The first wave of partners is now well established, and the eco-system is expanding to include consulting firms like Innovative with a value proposition apart from selling X3. So our message from Summit is that you pay attention to what Sage is doing. It’s much more likely that Sage will be offering more new solutions and enhancements that you need than ever before. But don’t worry. As always, Innovative is here to keep you informed.

By John Pellegrino, Principal and Application Consultant, Innovative IT Consulting. John can be reached at 631-943-1469 or

Although I am not from Missouri, nor have I ever visited the state, I definitely fall into the category of being a “show me” person, especially when something doesn’t make any logical sense to me. Using “inactive” price records in X3 (either Purchase Price or Sales Price) is one of those things that didn’t initially make sense. However, after a conversation with my partner Paul, we ended up using this very interesting feature of X3 in addressing requirements for two clients.

The conversation went something like this. Paul: “Why don’t you setup inactive pricing parameters?” Me: “What, how can I enter data for inactive pricing parameters?” Paul: “X3 allows this.” Me: “OK” came out of my mouth, but “Show me” was in my head.

Sometimes “inactive” is exactly what you want! So I proceeded to show myself and you can setup a price parameter (aka “price setup” in V6) as inactive, but still enter pricing data for it. Pricing data with all the same features of active price parameters (validity dates, priorities, etc.). Except these records are also noted as inactive and you cannot modify that check box as it is taken from the price parameter. Inactive in this case means the standard X3 pricing routine will not consider them at all. However, you can reference these inactive prices in reports, inquiries, and evaluate them in programs.

Two examples. The first situation is a manufacturer who sells to distributors but wanted a place to maintain the rebates that the distributor would get based on selling products to particular customers. The distributor pricing is regular active sales pricing. But the end user pricing is stored in the inactive pricing tables. We use these to generate reports and to check the rebates that the distributors apply for with an inquiry.

The second involves a distributor who wanted to be able to break down Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) associated with particular lots of inventory. Based on certain product attributes we tied the items to purchase price records which contained various cost elements. We use the records to break down the lot costs based on receipt date and store that data in custom fields. This provides much greater visibility to cost trends without affecting purchasing and sales processes. Can you think of a use for this feature, too? Have you used it before? Please share them with us and our readers!

"Curiously enough, one of the more useful kind of pricing records in X3."


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Answer to last month's word scramble.

"One of the important kinds of events to attend at Sage Summit. (KEYNOTES)

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View from the Summit. Sage Summit 2013!

X3 eXpert's Corner. "Inactive" but very useful, Pricing

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