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Finlandia Document Management/Altec

How can a growing Sage ERP X3 client reduce paperwork costs and streamline their business processes.

Finlandia Cheese

The list of business requirements was 70 pages long. The challenge was to find the best available IT solution. Sounds simple enough, yet six months into their research the client didn't have the information needed to make an educated decision.


Aceto Corp.

Aceto, a publicly traded Chemical Importer and Distributor, evolved into an international diverse business with several distinct business units. Management recognized the need for a new company-wide ERP system but the intense time pressures and mounting reporting requirements imposed on a publicly traded company wouldn't allow the project to get off the ground.


Metro Door

How does a fast growing company with complex paper intensive processes streamline operations and open the "door" to a paperless system?

Metro Door is a unique combination of a manufacturing and service organization. Headquartered in Great River, NY the company serves the needs of major mall-based chain stores throughout the country for security closures--gates, doors and shutters. Started as a manufacturer in 1980, the company has expanded into a leading service provider, servicing not only its own products, but the overall needs of the chain stores. It's a business in which an hour can make a difference when a store can't open or close because of a problem with its security gate. Every second counts.

But it's a business that was totally awash in paper. Every job requires a series of paperwork, from an initial work order dispatching the technician, to the signed work authorization, proof of completion, related parts invoices and engineering documentation.

Metro Door requires timely paperwork from its network of affiliated contractors to meet the strict business rules of major clients such as Home Depot, Starbucks and other leading retailers. Those business rules dictate how and when they must be billed, and what documentation must accompany any billing. If the rules aren't followed, Metro Door can't get paid. It's that simple.