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Application Assessment
An Insightful Assessment of your Existing Applications is a fundamental building block for a successful IT Strategy.

Frequently the first engagement a client may need help with is an assessment of their existing business applications. As with everything that Innovative does, we bring a strong methodology approach and tailor it to the unique needs and situation of the client.

The focus of the assessment can be to answer one or more of the following questions:

  • Can our existing applications can us achieve the business objectives that we have?
  • Can we eliminate the problems and issues we have with the current applications or do we have to replace those applications?
  • What are the alternatives to addressing our major pain points? Where are the costs and the risks? What are the major pros and cons?
  • How are others in our industry addressing these issues? Can we gain a competitive advantage?
  • In addition to making things run better, can we achieve significant cost savings and/or process improvement by upgrading our applications?
  • If we can't address our major objectives with our current applications, what applications should we be considering? How do we go about this?

Innovative believes that this initial assessment is the fundamental building block for achieving significant results and benefits. The identification of current issues and objectives from the perspective of management, ownership and users at all levels, helps to define the scope and approach for all work that follows.

Innovative believes in a fact based approach, validating what management believes to be the case against what is really occurring in the operations.

One of our differentiators is our ability to LISTEN, and our belief that it is only by ACTIVE LISTENING to our clients can we act as true TRUSTED ADVISORS.

Our assessments always involve more than one senior consultant to ensure that nothing is missed and a variety of perspectives are obtained.

Initial assessments usually are done at a functional level, not a technical level.

Our findings are presented and discussed, and our deliverables measured against our initial and agreed upon objectives.