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ERP Optimization
ERP Optimization is the KEY to unlocking the VALUE in your ERP implementation.

ERP is a tool for achieving business results. However, many organizations view their ERP implementations as failures - either due to budget and cost overruns or a failure to achieve the desired results. Lingering technical or functional issues are another common symptom.

Clients who stop their ERP projects at "go live" miss major opportunities for business improvement and transformation.

Innovative's ERP optimization services are a critical tool for achieving those results.

Maximize your ROI.

Innovative's team starts with a set of DIAGNOSTICS, designed to document areas in which return can be achieved for minimum investment.

ERP optimization can include some or all of the following:

  • Add-ons and other tools such as
    • Business Intelligence
    • Document Management
    • Workflow
    • EDI
  • Problem identification and resolutions plans and execution
  • Re-configuration for business process improvement
  • Implementing additional functionality in the core ERP system.

A series of small steps adds up to BIG VALUE.

As with all of our services, we believe in delivering BIG RESULTS through a combination of small steps, each of which provides incremental value. These "quick wins" are frequently critical to achieving organizational support and enthusiasm for the optimization phase.