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ERP Project Management
Innovative doesn't merely run projects, we Lead them.

Another core service provided by Innovative is Project Management.

This is one of our fundamental differentiators from other Consultants and IT Services Providers.

Innovative doesn't merely run projects, we LEAD them.

It starts with project planning, organization and setting of objectives.

But we go beyond tracking issues, resources and time lines. We view the job of the project manager to CHAMPION the project, MOTIVATE the teams and DELIVER the RESULTS. With Innovative leading your project, you will never be left wondering where things stand, what issues are outstanding and what comes next.

ERP projects are unlike other IT projects or even other business projects. While each software vendor has their preferred approach, Innovative is familiar with the fundamentals of the major ones, and understands the pitfalls and risks inherent in each and every project.

While many organizations have some project management skills in-house, those project managers are simply not ready for the volume of issues, challenges of communications and the sheer number of moving parts that an ERP implementation typically involves. Poor project management is one of the chief causes of ERP project failure, as well as one of the chief causes of vendor conflict.

Innovative's project management approach is based on the real-world experience of leading hundreds of successful implementations. As with our other services, we scale the steps based on the complexity of the project and the needs of the client - but we maintain a steadfast focus on keeping the project moving forward continuously to the end goal.