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Software Selection
Successful software selection provides insight into your company's unique set of business requirements and critical success factors for your ERP project. Unique business requirements drive successful software selection. Period.

Software selection is one of our core value-added services. Some of the fundamental principles that we adhere to are as follows:

  • We bring a strong, well defined and practical approach to software selection.
  • We never skip steps, but we do scale them to the size of the organization, project and company culture.
  • We don't believe in lengthy RFPs, but do insist that each client's unique set of business needs and requirements be documented and prioritized.
  • We also engage with software vendors and resellers in an effort to gain insight into their value add as well as their interest in the project the situation.
  • Innovative DOES NOT select the software for you. We bring our methodology to the table and lead your team through a well organized process to help you arrive at the best decision for you and your organization.

Each company's unique set of business requirements drive successful software selection. Period.

Gaining insight.
During the software selection phase, we draw upon and enhance our understanding of your business through our ACTIVE LISTENING and DISCOVERY process. We don't "interview" your people, we engage them in conversations about their functions, roles, issues and processes.

The goal is not merely to catalog how things are being done, but to gain insight into POTENTIAL BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS, so that we can collectively determine how and when to tackle those challenges.

Critical steps in the selection process.

  • Active discovery
  • Document and prioritize unique business requirements.
  • Identify Long List of potential vendors and solutions.
  • RFI to the Long List.
  • Screening process to develop a short list.
  • Develop criteria and ranking approach for the short list vendors.
  • Develop customized demo script for the short list vendors.
  • Demos and team evaluations.
  • Scoping, comparisons and finalist variables.
  • Team ranking, and final selection phase.
  • Selection and budgeting.

With Innovative leading your software selection process, you can be assured that every aspect of the process will be handled professionally and thoroughly.